Two restaurants, both alike in drama, in fabulous New York, where we lay our scene…
When friend and executive chef Alexander Smalls told us about his new venture last year, we were thrilled to help bring it to life – two restaurants introducing distinct flavors and reviving jazz rhythms in Harlem.

Having successfully catered to New Yorkers and introduced his brand of new American cuisine aptly named Southern Revival Cooking through three previous restaurants, this former opera singer (did we mention our graduate thesis project was an opera house for Atlanta) was primed to launch The Cecil and reimagine Minton’s, both as destinations in Harlem.

The Cecil, the first restaurant to open, is inspired by the travels, exploration and study of the African Diaspora by Chef Smalls. Melding this vision with the design stylings of Sarah Garcia, the restaurant and bar mix 1940’s noir with a sampling of modern patterns and textures, drawing inspiration from the culinary fare to be enjoyed and the travels from which the tastes are derived.

photo:  Restaurant interior, photo by Lucy Schaefer