Founded in 2010, SPLICE DESIGN is a multidisciplinary architectural design firm working with a broad range of clients, providing them with thoughtful, creative and innovative solutions.

Serving the NYC and Atlanta markets, SPLICE creates spaces for residences and boutique commercial and hospitality projects including restaurants, retail, offices, and boutique hotels, as well as masterplans. We believe design thinking is critical to improving all aspects of our lives. Uniting disciplines, interest areas and talents, we SPLICE together social, environmental and cultural aspects of any project. The firm analyzes and engages the relationship between identity, abstract concepts and spatial sequencing with the systems and materials used to give the interior and exterior form; providing sustainable solutions and joy-filled environments that fit and enhance the way people live, work and play.

SPLICE is concerned with what design does as well as how it looks. We believe in seeing the world through new eyes – asking the unobvious questions. We practice design by collaboration, inviting our clients, developers and consultants to work together in revealing the stories that give meaning and value to each unique design.