Modern Shingle Pool House

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Part of the modern shingle-style renovation, this pool house exhibits many of the same characteristics that define the renovation of the main house. Bright whites, cool greys, and warm taupes are rendered here in a material palette suited for indoor-outdoor living and a wet environment. A pool bath, lounge area with large, sliding door that opens to the pool deck, snack and beverage center, and outdoor kitchen provide everything needed for a long day spent poolside. White, painted wood walls and ceilings (shiplap, in this case) recall the aesthetic of the main house but also reflect the casual nature of the poolside living. A large, rustic stone fireplace takes center stage in the main seating area. A stone mosaic floor in the bathroom provide a sensual experience for bathers’ feet. Exposed “wood” and a wall-mount trough sink contribute to the relaxed feel of the poolside structure.