Mintons – Restaurant

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A Harlem Jazz Legend Reborn. The vision of New York businessman Richard Parsons and noted restaurateur and chef Alexander Smalls, Minton’s is a jazz legend reborn.

One of New York’s most famous jazz clubs, Minton’s was founded in 1938 by saxophonist Henry Minton.  Over the next decade, Minton’s Playhouse became the setting for a revolution in jazz; the place where Bebop was born.  In recognition of its significance in American history and culture, Minton’s Playhouse has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Working with design architect Sarah Garcia, the revived Minton’s welcomes patrons with lush smoky tones of music, cuisine and decor.  The experience starts with the progression from the exterior through a gilded vestibule.  Portraits of jazz legends greet and remind visitors of the storied past while royal tones and plush materials wait in each area of the restaurant to envelop patrons with gracious hospitality.  Live performances of jazz in front of a historic mural depicting jazz musicians Charlie Christian, Hot Lips Page, Tony Scott and others enhance the shimmering atmosphere of gold tones and antique mirrors.

The restaurant and lounge are open to one another, allowing all patrons to enjoy nightly jazz performances.  Like the call and response of jazz music, plush banquette seating in the lounge sits across from a traditional cherry wood bar, creating the more social antechamber of the jazz supper club.  A large open portal provides views from the bar and lounge area into the restaurant and the action of the musicians on stage.