Flatbush Jamaica Bay

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Challenge: Reconceptualize the city as a means to reduce degradation of the ecology of Jamaica Bay in Brooklyn, New York.

Solution:  The conceptual strategy of seeing the city and working the urban section through a lens of urban ecologies that can mediate effects of waste and the subjugation of the environment for commerce.  We visualize the manipulation of a singular surface, transect, running from the ridgeline to shoreline of the watershed affecting Jamaica Bay.  Flatbush Avenue is one example of the roads spanning this distance that represent open space where surfaces along the path can slow the process of combined storm and sewer water being discharged to Jamaica Bay.  The urban transect is a new infrastructure that contributes to the form and operation of the urban place [Flatbush Avenue].  New ecologies encourage social [education], political [policy initiatives] and economic [infrastructure reinvestment] actions.

Research performed while attending Columbia University Master of Science in Architecture and Urban Design program with Irene Kelly and Mike Bello.