Green Thoughts
In a place where it’s all about one bright idea after another, it is not easy grading green.  How can you tell if products or behaviors are light, medium or dark green; or just greenwashing?  Just what are the right solutions to rev up your eco-nature?
Start small
You are master and commander of the universe!  This, of course, is measured as the space immediately surrounding you or extending to your respective property line (be it your apartment/condo walls or the edge of your home’s yard).  Make small changes that require little extra effort, but improve indoor air quality, decrease energy consumption and help protect valuable resources.
  1. Painting and maintaining your home?  Use low or no VOC paints and consider green cleaning materials.
  2. According to the USGBC, buildings account for 36% of our total energy use and 65% of electricity consumption in the U.S.  Replace appliances and incandescent light bulbs with energy efficient fixtures.
  3. Water is energy-intensive.  Switch to low flow fixtures – choose EPA WaterSense fixtures for your home.
  4. Need new products for the home, consider switching items with ones containing a high recycled content or that use rapidly renewable resources.  There are many to choose from, we love Robin Wilson’s eco-friendly products for the home.
  5. What’s your recycling IQ? Do you know how to make sure your recycling is actually being recycled? The Daily Green reminds us to make sure there is no cross contamination [find out how at], buy products that make better trash [and grow the demand for recycled goods], and find out how to support recycling in your community.
When considering going green, it is not about what shade, but how we can accomplish change.  Starting small demonstrates the feasibility of incorporating holistic, integrated design solutions that provide a lasting and healthy investment in our home, family and workspace.
These basic solutions help shape your universe into an eco-system.  Stay tuned as we find inspiration in other project scales that will help us toward a more sustainable future.