Amplifying public space: amenity + utility + public/private economies

Public space is not only a place for democratic public amenity, gathering and socialization; it is a complex multi-layered organization of utility (filtering) elements to improve public and environmental health facilitated by public/private economic partnerships. The interference between amenity, utility, and public/private economic partnerships amplify the benefit of public space.

Filtering Newtown Creek: Envisioned as a self-sufficient public space, power will be provided via solar fabric canopies, maintenance funding will be generated through public-private partnerships to provide kayaking, entertainment space and academic space. The waterfront public space enables additional development near Greenpoint, recently up-zoned for residential development.

Filter: a storm water runoff streetscape program and filtering device, floating on Newtown Creek provides public space along the waterfront, integrated with hydroponic phytoremediation study areas, and a proposal for city usage of the underground oil [spill] reserve.