Ahhh autumn, my favorite time of year!  While I like donning extra layers to walk outside on crisp cool days enjoying the bright sunshine highlighting riotous leaf colors, it is not as much fun to wear those same layers inside out of necessity.  However, since we don’t all live in the most well insulated places, when the temperatures plummet outside… sometimes they do the same inside.  This can be especially grating to those who cannot modify their exteriors (apartment and condo dwellers – this means you).  Since I am one of this number, I thought there may be others out there who are interested in an alternative to extra sweaters, socks and electric heating indoors.  While friends in single family homes may have the option of fireplaces, these supplemental heating options haven’t been easily available for apartment and condo dwellers until recently.

Enter the eco friendly fireplace!  There are many models available to suit a variety of tastes and budgets.  Just as important, these versatile designs are environmentally friendly and vent free.  Some are fuelled by bio ethanol, renewable liquid fuel produced from agricultural by-products which burn clean [read- no smoke /no harmful emissions]

  • no chimney or flue needed
  • no gas or electricity (outside source of power) needed
  • easy to use

Cocoon FireplaceI was able to see a current favorite on a recent visit to a new friend’s design store, Arlene Angard.  The cocoon fireplace would be great for those with a small place and a mod style.  Whatever your style, there is probably an eco friendly fireplace that can suite your needs.  Find out more by asking your local designer or through various blogs, such as Modern Eco Homes.   Meanwhile, I’ll put one on my wish list.  So cozy up with your favorite beverage, book or loved one and let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!